First Food Grain

(Anna Prashanna)

At the Anna Prashanna ceremony the child is fed with cooked food grains for the first time. Anna Prashnna marks the beginning of solid foods in the child’s life. It essentially celebrates childes transition to solids.
The ceremony consists of prayers to different Gods from the Vedas to bless the child with good digestive powers, talents and thoughts. The child is dressed in new traditional clothes such as dhoti kurta or lehenga choli. This ceremony is performed when the child is six months old or above.

Generally after the ceremony it is followed by a game where a number of symbolic objects are placed on a silver tray, especial cloth or banana leaf where the child can pick up the objects. Objects include:

1. Books symbolising learning
2. Jewels symbolising wealth
3. A pen symbolising wisdom
4. Clay symbolising property
5. food items symbolising a love for food

The family and friends have a great time cheering the little one while he makes his choices. It is understood that the object your child picks up from the tray represent his area of interest in the future.