Name Giving

Namakarana Sanskaara

Namakarana ceremony is be performed either on the eleventh, twelfth, twenty-first, or a full year from the child’s birth. The child should be in good health while performing the ceremony. Giving a name to their child is a very special day and moment for every parent.

Emphasis is laid on the initial letter of baby’s name, as it is considered very auspicious. Hence, it is selected according to birth star or Janma Nakshatra of the child, moon sign and planetary positions at the date and time of their birth. The name acts as a shield so a good combination of sounds should be chosen while giving the name. This also helps to forge a good bond between the child and the family. Father of the newborn sits by taking the baby in his lap and whispers the chosen name on the right ear of the baby. Name is whispered using betel leaf. This in-turn helps the parents to understand the task of parenting that lies ahead. The Guest present bless the child with good health, wealth, prosperity and a bright future.